I'm trying to figure out the GetPublishedSocialContent() function.

Anyone know how to use it?

I can add a social sharing region and generate the links, so I'd think the GetPublishedSocialContent() would return the content inside the sharing region, but it doesn't.

<!-- RegionStart[contentslot:"social1", title:"Join Today"] -->
<a href="https://example.com/join">Join Today!</a>
<!-- RegionEnd[contentslot:"social1"] -->

<br><br><a href="%%=GetSocialPublishURLByName('Facebook','social1')=%%">Share on Facebook</a>
<br><a href="%%=GetSocialPublishURLByName('Twitter','social1')=%%">Share on Twitter</a>


I get this error instead:

An error occurred when attempting to evaluate an 
GetPublishedSocialContent function call.  
See inner exception for details.

  Invalid value specified for function parameter.
  Function Name: GetPublishedSocialContent
  Parameter Name: PublishedSocialContentID
  Parameter Ordinal: 1
  Parameter Type: Numeric
  Submitted Value: social1
  JobID: 0
  ListID: 0
  BatchID: 0
  SubcriberID: 0
  Data Source Type: List
Source:  OMMCommon

Based on the error, I should be specifying the Region ID as a number, not a string as shown in the example on the wiki:


My next thought was to create a Content Area and reference that, but I get the same error.

It's not a Content Builder asset thing either. Tried the ID from one of those. Same error.

Where does this Region ID come from?


This link might help you. Refer to chapter 19. I don't have social studio in my instance but this document is good


  • I thought it might be Ad Studio related. I have an old ExactTarget AMPScript reference that includes details on the function, which gave pause. I guess I'll add a network to my demo Ad Studio and see if I can track down a RegionID. – Adam Spriggs Feb 7 '18 at 2:01

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