In my partial sandbox i have created multiple record-types and their respective page layouts for the CASE screen. In this scenario, when i go to the case screen a page with record-type drop down is coming (which is expected). Record-type selection dropdown

This works fine in this sandbox, however, as i deploy these into my developer sandbox using change-set the record-type selection screen with drop down is not coming up. I ensured that all record-type and respective page-layouts has been successfully deployed.

Is it that i should manually add the record-type for the required user profile from developer sandbox?

Can it be assigned along with the deployment process?

Edit 1 :

Below screenshot shows the 'Record Type Selection' in Dev sandbox in which an entry Case is expected. Record Type Selection missing the data type CASE

Below screenshot shows the 'Record Type Selection' in Partial sandbox in which an entry Case is present and is not reflected in Dev sandbox. enter image description here

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Yes, you need to assign the permissions for profiles to activate your new record types. That can be done in Setup/Profiles/[Your Profile]/Object Settings/[Your Record Type Object]/Record Types and Page Layout Assignments ant there you have to choose Assigned Record Types and also the Default Record Type to be used.

enter image description here

Then in your change-set, you have to select the profiles you want to include with your deployment:

enter image description here


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