I'm making a trigger that runs when contacts are updated. Part of that trigger is to get a list of accounts (the whole object, not just the ID) associated with the contacts that are being updated.

Initially I was doing a SOQL query in a loop, but this eventually ran into limits when doing imports from the data loader.

List<Account> Accounts = new List<Account>();
for(Contact c: Trigger.new){
    Accounts.add([SELECT ID, Other_Fields FROM Account WHERE ID = c.Account]);

Is there a way to get a list of master records when from the detail/child records in trigger.new that is bulk friendly.


I'm sure there are plenty of ways to do this, but this is what I got to work. When you start you have Trigger.new which contains all of the records being updated, in this case contacts. The contact has a field for account on it, so the first step is we need to get all of those into a set. I choose set here because then you don't have to worry about duplicate accounts (if your trigger has two Contacts at the same Account).

//Create an empty set
Set<ID> SetAccountID = new Set<ID>();

//Loop through and add Accounts to the list
for(Contact c: Trigger.new){

//Now use that Set in a SOQL Query while making a list
List<Account> Accounts = [SELECT ID, other_fields__c
                          FROM Account
                          WHERE ID
                          IN: SetAccountID];

Also you can use any list in place of trigger.new.

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