For Email All Subscribers, we have _Subscribers data view and I am looking for similar data view for All Mobile Connect Contacts. Basically, i would like to access all mobile numbers with their corresponding subscriber key / contact key.

I did notice _SubscriberSMS data view, but it doesn't support Mobile Connect. So not sure what this view does.

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the information you need is in _MobileAddress: Fields _MobileNumber and _ContactID.

You can find more information in this answered question: Accessing _MobileAddress and _MobileSubscription Data Extensions

Regards, Cristina


You can get the data from _SMSSubscriptionLog data view. There you can find both required fields and it does work on mobile connect.

For more details, explore https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.mc_as_data_view_sms_subscription_log.htm&type=5

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