On the standard case layout, I have replaced the Case Comment related list with a visualforce page. because of that, the link to the case comment related no longer appears.

Is it possible to create a formula field which will have an HTML anchor that will navigate the user to a specific section on the page once he clicks on it, something like this?

<a href="/5001r00001vBtRN#5001r00001vBtRN_RelatedEmailMessageList_target">Email List</a>

Take a look at the HYPERLINK() function:

HYPERLINK( url , friendlyName [, target] )

Where url is "/5001r00001vBtRN#5001r00001vBtRN_RelatedEmailMessageList_target", friendlyName would be "Email List", and target is your opportunity to open this in a new tab/window if desired.


You would want to create a formula field of type Text and enter this function:

HYPERLINK("/5001r00001vBtRN#5001r00001vBtRN_RelatedEmailMessageList_target", "Email List")

You can then merge the value of this field onto your visualforce page.

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