I'm trying to write connector for WSO2 Identity Server which provision users to Salesforce. To do that i needed to find Salesforce SCIM endpoints for Users and Groups etc.

I believe Salesforce acting as SCIM provider is currently integrated and available since Salesforce has successfully done inter-op in Cloud Identity Summit (CIS) back in July this year.

For the inter-op it had been use endpoints as https://MY_DOMAIN/services/apexrest/scim/v1/Users etc. But relevant endpoints for my (developer) account giving me 401 Unauthorized.

And i have tried https://MY_DOMAIN/services/data/v26.0/scim/v1/users which is shown as in [2] return the same as above.

I using curl to call those endpoints with authorization both Bearer and OAuth. Ex: curl -v -k --header 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN' https://MY_DOMAIN/services/apexrest/scim/v1/Users

So i am not sure what are the real endpoints are and how they secured.

Haven't found much resources related to this area which is also asked in [1].

Thanks in advance


[1] salesforce SCIM APIs documentation

[2] http://www.slideshare.net/metadaddy/salesforce-identity-workshop


SCIM is in pilot. Email cmortimore@salesforce.com to have it enabled in your org.

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