I am trying to do an export of approx 30,000 attachments in our Salesforce Org,

Would anyone have been through a similar exercise and can advise best practice or the best way / tool to do this?

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The first thing I would try is the (relatively) new SFDX tooling. See the SFDX documentation Example: Export and Import Data Between Orgs.

The export would follow this pattern (example from the above link):

sfdx force:data:tree:export --query \
      "SELECT Id, Name, Title__c, Phone__c, Mobile_Phone__c, \
              Email__c, Picture__c, \
       (SELECT Name, Address__c, City__c, State__c, Zip__c, \
               Price__c, Title__c, Beds__c, Baths__c, Picture__c,  \
               Thumbnail__c, Description__c \
        FROM Properties__r) \
       FROM Broker__c" \
     --prefix export-demo --outputdir sfdx-out --plan

but with the SOQL querying the Attachment object.

(Not sure about governor limits: may be necessary to use many requests with a where clause to break the data up into groups.)

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  • The link doesn't seem to be working - do you have another link? I am getting a 400 Bad Gateway error – Matthew Bracewell Jan 30 '18 at 10:05
  • @MatthewBracewell Just tried both links and they worked for me... – Keith C Jan 30 '18 at 10:16

If you don’t want to perform a manual entry and save time, check out Data2CRM - an automated migration tool that can transfer your attachments.

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