i wrote 4 test classes (StandardSetController ) two classes working fine

but remaining two are throw the above error error ( 4 test classes using same synatx) please any body help me

Class :

public with sharing class ingController {
    public List<test__c >AllItest{ get; set; }
      public static String testid = '001'; 

    public ingController(ApexPages.StandardSetController sc) {
            Selected = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id');
     public PageReference Init() {


test class

public class ingControllerTest {

    public static testmethod void ingController(){
        test__c inv = new test__c();
        inv.name = 'test';
        inv.email__c = 'test@test.com';

        insert inv;
         ApexPages.StandardController sc = new 

        ingController Controller=new ingController(sc);

Your class constructor is accepting StandardSetController as parameter but in your test class you are passing in StandardController. if you align them it will fix the error.

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