I have featured topics on my FAQs page that I use as a "category" for all the articles I store. Clicking a featured article will load the Topic Detail page where all articles under that topic are listed. However, I wanted to show a title above all this articles, basically showing that featured topic that was clicked.

I can get the ID of the topic written in the url using {! topicId } but what I want is the actual topic

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Oh, I found an answer by trial and error.

On the topic detail page, you can click on the headline and have it configured. For the page type, it should be 'topic' and for the Unique ID, it should be {!urlName}


Thank you so much for sharing this info. I created a topic detail page with a 'Headline' component with Title - {!topicName} but forgot to set the Page Type to 'topic'. That's why my topic detail page was loading with headline as 'Detail'.

Once I updated the page type to 'topic', it started working.

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