Do any of you fine folks know anything about the WAT() and WATP() AMPScript functions?

I'm looking for a real use-case outside of the official documentation:

Returns the values of the Web Analytics Tracking (WAT) parameter with the specified external key. Contact Marketing Cloud Support to set the external key values in the Web Analytics Connector. The function substitutes optional parameters for calls to the WATP function within the tracking parameter set in the Sender Profile. The WAT call parameters must use constant or numeric values. Variable, attribute, field, and faction values don't allow job-level resolution to the desired link query string parameters

In all of the times I've worked with Marketing Cloud Support to configure the Web Analytics Connector, I've not once heard anything about a customer/external key for the parameter names.

I assumed that if you have a et_cid parameter in your WAC string, that you could override the value like this:


That doesn't appear to be the case. The above code results in the following error:

An error occurred when attempting to evaluate an WAT function call. 
See inner exception for details. The specified tracking parameter does not exist.  
Tracking Parameter Name: et_cid 
Function Name: WAT 
Parameter Name: ParameterName 
Parameter Ordinal: 1 
Parameter Type: Text 
Submitted Value: et_cid

I'm waiting on a response back from SFMC Support.

And then there's the WATP() function. It's even more mysterious.

Who's got the deets? You?

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