We have a public static resource Portal_bundle that contains the JS & CSS that is used on the community website

The same static resource is used in a custom maintenance page that is displayed when the community is disabled

The problem is when we disable the community :

  • The custom maintenance page is displayed (OK)

  • The static resource become unavailable (503) the JS & CSS doesn't get loaded (NOK)


Any suggestion ?

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We ran into the same issue and this seems to be a bug. We had to load an image in a visualforce image and since the static resource did not load the workaround we used was to use the base64 content of the image directly in the image tag like below


Another important point is even if the community is de-activated it will show a blank page if you directly access pages of community. Its a salesforce bug

check it out here in salesforce issues. this issue is applicable for Napili community template not sure of the other ones though.

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