Is there any way to check in Apex if the running user has a specific Custom Permission? The best I know of using available methods involves two separate SOQL queries:

public static Boolean doesRunningUserHavePermission(String apiName)
    Set<Id> accessiblePermissionIds = new Set<Id>();
    for (SetupEntityAccess access : [
        SELECT SetupEntityId FROM SetupEntityAccess
        WHERE SetupEntityType = 'CustomPermission' AND ParentId IN (
            SELECT PermissionSetId FROM PermissionSetAssignment
            WHERE AssigneeId = :UserInfo.getUserId()
    ]) accessiblePermissionIds.add(access.SetupEntityId);

    return 0 < [
        SELECT count() FROM CustomPermission
        WHERE Id IN :accessiblePermissionIds
        AND DeveloperName = :apiName

And then I would need to run:

Boolean hasPermission doesRunningUserHavePermission('CanPerformSomeOperation');

As of the Winter 18 Release, we can now use the FeatureManagement class for this requirement. The above method can be removed entirely and I can simply call:

Boolean hasPermission = FeatureManagement.checkPermission('CanPerformSomeOperation');

Thanks to @sfdcfox for pointing this one out.

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Adrian Larson's answer of using FeatureManagement's static Boolean checkPermission(String customPermissionDeveloperName) will Efficiently Check if the Running User has a Custom Permission.

Testing Apex when using FeatureManagement's static Boolean checkPermission(String customPermissionDeveloperName) isn't so simple. Often, using Custom Permissions will grant a User something private or special, and I want to make sure my Unit Test is doing what I think it's doing when a User both has and doesn't have the Custom Permission(s) in question. So, I made a github repo, TestCustomPermissions, to automate adding Custom Permissions. See README.md for documentation and example.

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At User object, simply add formula

IF( $Permission.<<Permission set name>>, TRUE, FALSE)

and use this checkbox anywhere else in the Org.

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  • You never ever need to have any formula that reads IF(condition, true, false). You can always simplify it to just condition. – Adrian Larson Oct 8 '19 at 14:06

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