I am creating my own custom Organization__c record page for a community.

I am using lightning:recordViewForm and lightning:outputField for all the fields that I want to display, but, I have a few fields that I want to display in a different way - not as standard lightning:outputField:

enter image description here

As you can see from the image - in the red square, the text is built from 2 fields - OrganizationNumber__c and Name, and I want to show these 2 fields like that.

So I want bigger text size, no label and text color, and I cannot find a way to do that with lightning:outputField.


  1. Is there a way to achieve that - with lightning:outputField?
  2. Is there a way to achieve that without the use of lightning:outputField?

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Use <lightning:outputField fieldName="name" variant="label-hidden"/> to remove label.

For bold / italics / height, use CSS using font-weight, font-style properties.

  1. Not easily without messing with style in order to replicate SLDS components as @Ayem suggested. I would not go down this path.

  2. I recommend that you use a combination of lightning:recordViewForm and force:recordData (that is the Lightning Data Service aka LDS). Using both wouldn't cause a significant performance degradation since lightning:recordViewForm relies on LDS so they both share the same cache. You could use the data loaded by LDS into an attribute and inject it in any component.

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