I have a object b which has lookup to object a. when i prompt to create a new record in object b i will select the record type and then i will go to edit page. Now when i click the lookup icon of object a , the records should be filtered based on record type selection of object b. For this i have created text field in object a with the record type name.

How to apply lookup filter on the Object A Lookup.


Incorrect type. Record Type not compatible with Text


While creating the Lookup for Object A you should also configure the Lookup filter. In your case the Object A is going to be the child of Object B. So while creating the Lookup relation field for Object A in the Object B, please configure the Lookup filter correctly.

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  • That I did, But I need to know condition for filtering records in the lookup filter. – mathew Jan 23 '18 at 9:03

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