I'm implementing Salesforce Org to Org SOAP API. I'm using Partner WSDLs. I have created the Web Service from Org1 but while consuming it from Org2, I'm getting the following error.

System.CalloutException: Web service callout failed: WebService returned a SOAP Fault: System.StringException: Invalid id: red newcolor Class.MySOAPWebService.makeContact: line 4, column 1 faultcode=soapenv:Client faultactor=

The ORG1 method which has been exposed in API is simply returning a string.

global class MySOAPWebService {
    webservice static Id makeContact(String color) {
        String newColor = color + ' newcolor';
        return newColor ;

Please can anyone point me what is the cause of error. Thanks in Advance.


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Can you please try changing the return type from Id to string like below:

webservice static String makeContact(String color)

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