Hello smart people of SE.

I am trying to setup a daily export of Marketing Cloud data that is sent to an external SFTP. I have the new data extract, job, and query running but I continue to get no data day after day.

I believe the issue lies in my destination URL format for BrickFTP.

Does anyone know what the correct BrickFTP URL format should be in identifying the correct folder to send the csv to? When I copy/paste the URL exactly as it appears in Brick, I get a formatting error on the Marketing Cloud side. Any info or guidance would be appreciated. I have tried multiple formats to the URL but nothing works. And the Brick documentation I have been reading relates to accessing folders via the API and console. I havent seen anything good on the Marketing Cloud documentation side. Thanks for any info you may have!

  • Could you please share the screenshot of your FTP configuration in salesforce marketing cloud? – Brad Sapkota Jan 22 '18 at 0:36

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