While doing after update trigger I am getting the insufficient error. Requirement: in my scenario, record x can b created by admin and manager. but auditor can create a y record from x. x and y are in a parent-child relationship. while saving record x, the parent owner id will be changed to rep. I am sharing the y record when updating status.This record needs to be shared to CreatedBy of X record.

public class USRetail_CRATriggerHandler {
    public static void shareCoachingReportAuditRec(List<ID> ids) 
    List<Coaching_Report_Audit__Share> craList=new List<Coaching_Report_Audit__Share>();
    List<Coaching_Report_Audit__c> coachingreportaudits=[select id,Coaching_Report__r.createdByid from Coaching_Report_Audit__c where id=:ids];
    for(Coaching_Report_Audit__c cra:coachingreportaudits){
        Coaching_Report_Audit__Share crashare=new Coaching_Report_Audit__Share();
    insert craList;


INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY,: Class.USRetail_CRATriggerHandler.shareCoachingReportAuditRec: line 14


If your custom object is related to parent as Master Details relationship, you can not have a sharing object. It will be determined by the parent's sharing setting.


If that user has already had a sharing access on that record, this error will be thrown. try using Database.SaveResult sr = Database.insert(crashare,false); to avoid the error on record saving.

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