I have been trying to include Salesforce base URL along with some static information in the html body of the email but to no luck. I keep getting error "Error: Compile Error: Unrecognized symbol '"', which is not a valid Apex identifier.".

I have even tried to put all the information between the html tags, but that too din't helped.

    String body='';

    body += '<html></br> </br>' + 'For more details, please review the Case HERE: '+ 
    <a href="'+URL.getSalesforceBaseUrl()+'/'+instOfCase.id+'">'+instOfCase.CaseNumber+'</a>
    body +=  '</body></html>';


Please suggest something.

  • Instead of this ->"'+URL.getSalesforceBaseUrl()+'/',,,,,try this "'" + URL.getSalesforceBaseUrl() + "'/' – Ysr Shk Jan 18 '18 at 4:01

I was just doing the exact same thing today. Do it like this...

String body='';

body += '<html></br> </br>' + 'For more details, '
     + 'please review the Case HERE: '
     + '<a href="'+URL.getSalesforceBaseUrl().toExternalForm()
     + '/' + instOfCase.id + '">' + instOfCase.CaseNumber 
     + '</a>';
body +=  '</body></html>';




to put this as a String in your URL - This will work for you!

Please see the Docs HERE for future reference.

Happy coding!

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