We have a load of branded email template HTML that we would like to use for email correspondence in Salesforce. They need to allow for custom text to be added to the body based on customer query.

We looked into the HTML templates but it seems these are fixed once created with no option to customise each send per customer when responding with bespoke answers!

The only option that I can see to do this is using the letterhead option - and the branding here is very limited (we need to add T&C etc to the footers which is not possible).

Is there some other way where I can upload custom HTML header/footer/template but still retain the ability to add/edit custom content in the main body of the email?


this is totally possible. If your permissions allow you to do so, go to Setup > Email > My Templates > New Template > Custom (without using Letterhead) > click next > give it a name and folder > click next > then you can paste your HTML into the "HTML Body" textbox

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