I have lead records in Salesforce where there are two email fields on the record containing two different values.

I want to send two different emails to both the email addresses from journey builder as soon as they are created in Salesforce, how can this be achieved?

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Create two separate journeys, and under the Settings of the journey select the the Default Email Address for the email address / field you wish to send the email to. Replicate the same in the second journey but select the other Email Address Field.

You can't decided in a single journey to send different emails to two separate email address fields of the same contact record.


You could...create two journeys instead of using 1 and focus their default email addresses on your two target fields.

You could also use a single journey where the default email address is a third field such that you:

  • Use Update Contact to set Temp Email == Email 1
  • Send Email (to Temp Email) [which will go to Email 1]
  • Use Update Contact to set Temp Email == Email 2
  • Send Email (to Temp Email) [which will now go to Email 2]

If that feels hacky, it's because it is. For the benefit of only having to maintain a single journey, you'd introduce a new field into your data model and some additional processes into the journey. That trade-off may or may not be worth it.

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