My requirement is I need to send emails from Salesforce through SFMC. I know that we can do it directly by using SFMC connect, but I need to send through TriggeringEmail.

I'm trying to run the TriggeredSendDefinition in Developer Console from whatever I got from this documentation Sample API.

Now If I'm not wrong, I need to setup the TriggeredSendDefinition class in salesforce on top of it. Any suggestions would be very helpful


You need to create the Triggered Send in Marketing Cloud

Go to the business unit you wish to integrate with and create a Triggered Send Data Extension and then go to Interactions > Triggered Emails and configure your Triggered Send.

When you create the triggered send object, you set an External Key You will use this External Key in your triggered send calls.

Start your Triggered Send so that its running.

Here is a full detailed guide of what/how to configure.


For information and code for triggering email from Salesforce to Marketing Cloud then read :


  • I have created a Triggered send in SFMC and now how can I make a call from salesforce to SFMC – Eagerin Sf Jan 10 '18 at 17:27

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