The code as written below uploads a file to salesforce, then redirects the user to a specific page.

public class ContentController {

    public contentController() {
        file = new ContentVersion();

    public ContentVersion file { get; set; }
    public PageReference go() {
        insert file;

        return new PageReference('** an example url**');

How can I write an automated unit test to test "uploading a file"? I don't quite get how to do so unless I somehow generate an anonymous file in apex which only works with documents, but not all file types.

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You just need to query the data to make sure it actually gets into the database. You should also test on the redirect.

MyController controller = new MyController();
controller.file.Body = Blob.valueOf('populated');

    PageReference redirect = MyController.go();

system.assertEquals(1, [SELECT count() FROM ContentVersion]);
// assert on redirect

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