How can I get the field results from a dynamic database query to be available to be put into a list? Here is the code I have:

//Query on the destinationObjectFieldName results
    List<sObject> desinationObjectList =
        Database.query('SELECT Id, Name FROM ' + destinationObject + 'WHERE Id IN :relJunctionObjects' );
    System.debug('desinationObjectList List contains: ' + desinationObjectList);

    //Add the results into the RelatedObject list
    for(sObject s: desinationObjectList) {
        pickListValuesList.add(new RelatedObject(s.Id,s.Name));

Yet I get the error

Variable does not exist: Name


The only field you can directly retrieve from an sObject is Id. All other fields must be referenced dynamically:

    pickListValuesList.add(new RelatedObject(s.Id,(String)s.get('Name')));

This is due to the fact that the compiler must be able to verify that the field exists, which it cannot do for Name without a concrete sObject type (e.g. Account). Note that a few objects do not have a Name field, so if you use this code on some specific objects, expect a QueryException.

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