getting error while inserting account using Bulk API 2.0 using workbench

ClientInputError : LineEnding is invalid on user data. Current LineEnding setting is LF

Csv Data

TestAccount1,Description of TestAccount1,30
TestAccount2,Another description,40
TestAccount3,Yet another description,50

Presumably before this request there was a POST to create the job. In that POST you can use the lineEnding property in the request body to change how end of line is defined for your csv. See below for example from Trailhead

  "operation" : "insert",
  "object" : "Account",
  "contentType" : "CSV",
  "lineEnding" : "CRLF"

There can be other potential contributing causes (e.g. Excel has multiple csv types, some of which work and some don't) but to me the lineEnding is the most obvious place to start.

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