I accidentally marked prospects as DO NOT EMAIL. Is there a way to run an automation rule to undo this?

  • Hi Karin, you probably found out that this is not possible with an automation rule. Did you find another way to mass update the DNE field in the meantime? – Fred Jan 30 '18 at 16:19

Unverify the Salesforce/Pardot connector, mass update the DNE field in Salesforce, use an automation rule to mass update the DNE field in Pardot, and then re-verify the Salesforce/Pardot connector. If you have more questions: @ifeelikemacmac on Twitter.

  • Not possible to mass update DNE field in Pardot using Automation Rule, at least not in this direction. You can only set the status to 'do not email' this way. – Fred Jan 30 '18 at 22:43

You have to open a ticket with Pardot support. They can run a mass-update for you.

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