A colleague flagged the availability of $A.log (found in a blog) so we've spent a short while looking at it.

The links from e.g. How to use aura.log() and where does it print it output? now point to simple console.log calls and there are posts here like LockerService not allowing subscribing to $A.logger. I don't see any official documentation on it (though Aura Documentation is dead right now so I can't check there).

Can anyone explain why it went away?

  • The only reference i can see in lightning component bookshelf(in the spring 2018) one is its used in auraStorage:init as an attribute for this storage method debugLoggingEnabled. There is no other reference in bookshelf. – RedDevil Jan 4 '18 at 17:27

We deprecated it.

We felt we should either implement something useful, or just not have it. So until the need arises for a proper implementation, its gone.

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