In a component, initially i was binding a case picklist field value as an attribute. But now, i have requirement to bind it to a different field based on a boolean flag.

Original Code snippet (inside my component) which works fine

<c:CstmComp value={v.case.Field1__c}/>

CstmComp is another component embedded inside my component. It has a string attribute called value. We bind a picklist field Field1__c to it. CstmComp shows bunch of dropdown values which gets saved to Field1__c

Now i have to make it conditionally bind to Field1__c or Field2__c based on a boolean flag. I am trying following, but doesn't seem to work. Fields come out blank.

<aura:attribute name="flag" type="boolean" default="false"/> 
<!--- flag gets read from a custom setting in doInit controller method -->
 <c:CstmComp  value={!v.flag?v.Case.Field1__c:v.Case.Field2__c}/>

What i expect is that when flag is true, the dropdown values displayed by CstmComp gets saved to Field1__c, and when it is false, it gets saved to Field2__c

Flag's value is getting set to true or false correctly, i have checked that. Dont know why none of the field gets bound to my CstmComp. Something wrong with the binding expression. Can someone help out?


The easiest way do to this would be to use aura:if:

<aura:if isTrue="{!v.flag}">
  <c:CstmComp  value="{!v.Case.Field1__c}"/>
  <aura:set attribute="else">
    <c:CstmComp  value="{!v.Case.Field2__c}"/>

You could probably also use SecureComponent#getReference and wire it up in your controller, but I think this method is probably easier to read.

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