In a component, initially i was binding a case picklist field value as an attribute. But now, i have requirement to bind it to a different field based on a boolean flag.

Original Code snippet (inside my component) which works fine

<c:CstmComp value={v.case.Field1__c}/>

CstmComp is another component embedded inside my component. It has a string attribute called value. We bind a picklist field Field1__c to it. CstmComp shows bunch of dropdown values which gets saved to Field1__c

Now i have to make it conditionally bind to Field1__c or Field2__c based on a boolean flag. I am trying following, but doesn't seem to work. Fields come out blank.

<aura:attribute name="flag" type="boolean" default="false"/> 
<!--- flag gets read from a custom setting in doInit controller method -->
 <c:CstmComp  value={!v.flag?v.Case.Field1__c:v.Case.Field2__c}/>

What i expect is that when flag is true, the dropdown values displayed by CstmComp gets saved to Field1__c, and when it is false, it gets saved to Field2__c

Flag's value is getting set to true or false correctly, i have checked that. Dont know why none of the field gets bound to my CstmComp. Something wrong with the binding expression. Can someone help out?

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The easiest way do to this would be to use aura:if:

<aura:if isTrue="{!v.flag}">
  <c:CstmComp  value="{!v.Case.Field1__c}"/>
  <aura:set attribute="else">
    <c:CstmComp  value="{!v.Case.Field2__c}"/>

You could probably also use SecureComponent#getReference and wire it up in your controller, but I think this method is probably easier to read.

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