I'm considering this workaround to determine whether a class is running in unmanaged or managed context when calling System.requestVersion().

The documentation of UserInfo.isCurrentUserLicensed defines the method as follows:

Returns true if the context user has a license to the managed package denoted by the namespace. Otherwise, returns false.

In this case, what does 'License' refer to if I have a site-based package? There are no licenses to assign to users, they'll typically all have access. So if a user of the package has this installed, can the method always be expected to return true for this org?


Yes, Site-based licenses report "true" for all user contexts. You can test this in a Sandbox to prove this to yourself (all apps installed in Sandboxes have perpetual Site-based licensing).

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  • Awesome, thanks! I'll definitely test it out, just wanted to see if there were any special exceptions where the behavior would be different. – zeneto Jan 3 '18 at 0:23

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