Is it possible to create a conditional highlight in Einstein Analytics

I have this following query:

q = load "Santher2_new";
result = group q by 'categoria';
result = foreach result generate q.'categoria' as 'categoria', 
sum(q.'Volume_Quantidade') as 'quantidade',
(case when sum(q.'Volume_Quantidade') < 1000 then "#FF0000" else "#00FF00" end) as 'A';
result = order result by ('categoria' asc);
result = limit result 2000;

And I'm struggling if it's possible to bind the A alias to any property in visualizationParameters Json Attribute, my idea is to set different colors for each range in the query.


I have done this a few times where I wanted to change the background color of text widgets to show a positive or negative change in a metric. The binding needs to be added to the widget properties in the gridLayouts section of the JSON. Below is an example of the JSON.

     "colspan": 2,
     "column": 2,
     "name": "text_8",
     "row": 14,
     "rowspan": 2,
     "widgetStyle": {
          "backgroundColor": "{{cell(STEP_NAME.result, 0, \"A\").asString()}}",
          "borderColor": "#E6ECF2",
          "borderEdges": [],
          "borderRadius": 16,
          "borderWidth": 1

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