I have a long string that I want to save to CSV. I use the following code to convert the string to blob and save as a file:

Attachment newFile = new Attachment();
newFile.Name = getReportFileName();
newFile.Body = Blob.valueOf(csvContent);

However, when I open the csv, I see some numbers are formatted like 1.00E+01 instead of 10. I thought this is an Excel issue and opened the raw file in another editor (Notepad++) and still see the same format, which makes me think it is an issue with the generated file and not Excel. Obviously, I could not find anything related in the Blob Class documentation and when I debug the values in the code before saving to file, the numbers are shown correctly. The problematic values are calculated with this code


What can be causing this issue?


You have two possible solutions. You can turn the decimal (i'm guessing that) to a plain string with the toPlainString() method.

Returns the String value of this Decimal, without using scientific notation.


Or you can tell excel to treat the column as a numeric value. It should just convert it to normal numbers for you.

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