So I have scanned both the CurrencyType and DatedConversionRate tables but both of them store only the IsoCode only.

I need to display the full name for a currency (say AUD - Australian Dollar for IsoCode AUD).

If I use this:

<apex:column value="{!eachCur.isoCode}"/>

in Visualforce page apex:column Salesforce magically automatically does this for me (eachCur is a CurrencyType record).

But if I put the field inside a child apex:outputLink element like this:

<apex:column ><apex:outputLink value="anotherPage">{!eachCur.isoCode}</apex:outputLink></apex:column>

it will only output the IsoCode with a link and nothing else.

As it is my requirement to show a link as well as output the full currency name, I am stuck.


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Add this field alias to your query and it wil convert the value to its output label for you:

SELECT ..., toLabel(IsoCode) IsoLabel FROM CurrencyType

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