I spend hours to find a way to control download behavior of pdf-files (when to download and when to show inline) and did not find anything.

What I got so far:

the main thing that do all files magic is

/sfc/servlet.shepherd/ ....

  1. We can download file by ContentVersion Id - /sfc/servlet.shepherd/version/download/<VERSION> OR by ContentDocument Id - /sfc/servlet.shepherd/document/download/<DOCUMENT>

  2. For some reason in salesforce download links we can find the following parameter operationContext=S1 OR operationContext=CHATER, which seems do nothing

  3. Also servlet.shepherd can show preview image of pdf /sfc/servlet.shepherd/version/renditionDownload?rendition=SVGZ&versionId=<VERSION>, where ?rendition= can be SVGZ or THUMB120BY90 or THUMB240BY180 or THUMB720BY480

All these options are not covered by official documentation and I feel there could be much more features. Does anybody know other options? Is there any documentation explaining all possible options?

  • I would love to know if we can force inline behavior vs download, for pdfs I want it to open in browser window but it seems to just download the document and then the user has to click the download to open it. – Scott Morrison Feb 12 at 14:31

You can also download multiple files as a zip

{!URLFOR('/sfc/servlet.shepherd/version/download/' & delimitedSelectedIdList &'?')}



more details on my blog

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