According to the documentation here, starting a dataflow in the datamanager should result in

  • a greyed-out Start-action (see 3. in documentation linked above)
  • the appearance of an x to stop the currently running dataflow (see 5. in documentation linked above)

However I'm unable to observe these changes and thus also unable to stop my currently running dataflow.

When I attempt to start a currently running dataflow again, I do get the notification (as a warning popup) that I cannot start the dataflow because it is already running.

So, my question - as the title suggests, how can I stop a dataflow that is currently running? Preferably in the UI, but I'd also consider some API-Call or an equivalent to the apex-job overview.

As I observed quite some webbrowser-related issues in Analytics Studio in general, I tried "finding the x" in Safari and Chrome.

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It seems, this is related to the language you've set for your user. Opening the view with a German user, you can see this: (note the missing x) German Data Manager

The same view in English looks like this:English Data Manager

So for the time being, change your language to English and click the button. You could also edit the text Wird ausgeführt to make it shorter:Edited Data Manager

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