I am currently inside a Developer Sandbox within Salesforce. Inside the developer console I am able to create static resources of the MIME type text/CSS. I know this because they show up when I display static resources: Open Static Resources

However, whenever I attempt to load these static resources, it gives me this error: enter image description here

Normally, it appears for non-developer orgs, but I also get this following error window as well:

enter image description here

Which leads me to believe something more subtle is going on.


Regardless, how do I properly load a CSS static resource in a developer org?

  • under Setup > Company Information, what is the Organization Edition ? (just to confirm) where you are getting the api disables for this org message?
    – glls
    Dec 22, 2017 at 22:34
  • @glls Just checked, its the professional edition.
    – isakbob
    Dec 22, 2017 at 23:30

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As mentioned in the edition features, or this kb article, professional édition orgs do not have API access enabled, hence the error

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