I have two objects MDM_Object_Mapping__c(parent) and MDM_Field_Mapping_ims__c(chaild) are in MD relationship. My JSOn String is:

    public static List < JSON3Apex > parse(String json) {
        return (List < JSON3Apex > ) System.JSON.deserialize(json, List < JSON3Apex > .class);
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You have to use json2apex utility which is a big work, but if your JSON is compatible with SObject - MDM_Object_Mapping__c (and if you are really lucky), try if JSON.deserialize works?

List<MDM_Object_Mapping__c> lstObjectMapping = (List<MDM_Object_Mapping__c>) 
    JSON.deserialize('your JSON String here', List<MDM_Object_Mapping__c>.class);

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