I have CS_Order__c(parent) and cs_Order_Line_Item__c (child) objects. I need to update CS_Order__c field ,but its not updating the parent record. CSOrderMap=

public class testUpdate {
    public static void UpdateParent(Map<Id, String> CSOrderMap) {
        Set<Id> orderIds = new Set<Id>();

        List<cs_Order_Line_Item__c> ordLineitem = [SELECT Id, Name,CS_Order__r.Fullfilment_Status__c FROM cs_Order_Line_Item__c WHERE CS_Order__c IN :CSOrderMap.keySet()];
            for(cs_Order_Line_Item__c sc: ordLineitem){

            update ordLineitem;

Please suggest.

I dont want to create a new instance and a new query as well.

CS_Order__c csord=new CS_Order__c();
    csord.id= csord.CS_Order__r.id;

update ordLineitem;
update ordslist;

but i dont want to create a new instance. Please suggest.

  • Please Take a look at provided link, your code will look similar . Link1 Link2
    – Amol
    Dec 19 '17 at 9:45

First of all, it isn't required to do the check for an empty list:

if(!ordLineitem.isEmpty()){ ... }
  1. If the list if empty - foreach won't try to loop,
  2. If you run DML on an empty list of records (update ordLineitem;) - it won't perform any database action.

Due to your question - CS_Order__r record on every cs_Order_Line_Item__c is an independent entity and when you run update ordLineitem; there is no impact on CS_Order__r related parent record.

As you mentioned in your question, you could create an instance of CS_Order__c record and accumulate a new list. And when you are ready with a business logic, you could create a generic list to update all record in one DML operation:

// ordLineitems - list of cs_Order_Line_Item__c
// ordslist - list of CS_Order__c
List<SObject> recordsToUpdate = new List<SObject>(ordLineitems);
update recordsToUpdate;
  • is this possible without creating an instance of order.
    – sandy
    Dec 19 '17 at 9:29
  • @aditi basically, when you refer to an order as sc.CS_Order__r in the loop, you get an instance of order. So you could use this instance to add to orders list and then update it as I mention above. Dec 19 '17 at 13:18

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