My problem is that I'm not able to get the date with a month number format.

This is my code:

    <ui:inputDate aura:id="input" 
        required="true" />

As we can see, the input is disabled by default, so if we enable the inputDate again we'll see that the month is showing as string and not as a number, here is an example:

enter image description here

How could I force the ui component to show month as a number? Am I doing something wrong?


I've made up a quick solution, but I think it should be a better solution. This is my code:

    <aura:if isTrue="{!(!v.disabled)}">
        <ui:inputDate aura:id="input" 
            required="{!v.required}" />
    <aura:set attribute="else">
        <ui:inputDate aura:id="input" displayDatePicker="true" disabled="{!v.disabled}"/>

This causes the disabled input to be destroyed, when the disabled status change, and a new one is rendered without being disabled by default and, thus, with the desired format.

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