what is diffrence between whoid and whatid in salesforce?

I tried reading the diffrence from sources and could not understand. PLease help me in understanding.

Thanks in advance


The WhoId represents the primary Contact or Lead associated with the Activity (Event or Task). It's "who" you're doing the Activity with, or simply, a person you're doing something with. The WhatId represents an Account, Opportunity, Case, or almost any other type of object, including custom objects. It's "what" you're you're doing, or "what" you're talking about.

As a concrete example, if I called Bob Ross and asked him if he were interested in a bunch of painting products, the WhoId would refer to a Contact "Bob Ross," while the WhatId might refer to an Opportunity "Bob's Paint Supplies." Typically, Task and Event records will be associated to both a person and a thing.

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