I have 5 fields,

  • List Price
  • Standard Discount %
  • Standard Discount Amount
  • Additional Discount %
  • Additional Discount Amount..

When Standard Discount % is filled , and Standard Discount Amount is empty , it calculates Standard Discount Amount based on List price.

When Standard Discount Amount is filled , and Standard Discount % is empty , it calculates Standard Discount % based on List price,

I have used isblank functionality for this and its working fine.

However the problem arises, when I edit the record, because once the process builder is fired it automatically fills in both the fields , so even if I change the value on end , it doesnt perform the calculation as expected.

Now for the fields Additional Discount % and Additional Discount Amount..

Additional Discount % is calculated on the Amount that we get after ( List Price - Standard Discount Amount)

On filling the value for the first time , everything goes smooth. However, When user tries to edit the record. the calculation does not get performed.

How do I overcome this limitation?

  • It may be easier to conceptualize by using the dropdown filter checking for nulls instead of a formula. – JaredT Dec 13 '17 at 16:29

If you are using ISBLANK as criteria for running the rule actions editing the field from one value to another will not trigger the action. You can use ISCHANGED if this is the desired behavior. Without changing your criteria you can likely work around this by editing the field to a blank value, saving, and then editing again with your new value.

  • The current criteria before calculation is AND(NOT(ISBLANK([OrderItem].Standard_Discount__c )) ,ISBLANK([OrderItem].Discount_Amount__c) ) Can you suggest , how do I change it to get the desired output – Siddharth Lakhotia Dec 13 '17 at 16:25
  • Or do you mean, I should write a seperate workflow rule , which does that.. – Siddharth Lakhotia Dec 13 '17 at 16:27

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