Is there a way to make the url used to render images from visualforce to word dynamic. The problem I am facing is that the URL works in sandbox but on deployment I have to change the url for production.

I tried the following suggestion but this didnt work:

<apex:image url="{!$Site.CurrentSiteUrl}/servlet/servlet.ImageServer?id=0150Y000000ar3v&oid=00D0Y000000LvL1&lastMod=1513157626000" width="240" height="50"/>
  • Take a look at this question from developer forum. – Raul Dec 13 '17 at 11:07

You can create a custom formula field for that object.

Field Name- Instance_URL

API Name- Instance_URL__c

The return type should be 'Text'.

The formula value should be-

LEFT($Api.Enterprise_Server_URL_300, FIND('/services',$Api.Enterprise_Server_URL_300))

Use in your visualforce with {!Object_Name.Instance_URL__c}

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