My SQL Query for Join

SELECT LoginIp.SourceIp, LoginHistory.SourceIp 
FROM ( LoginHistory INNER JOIN LoginIp ON LoginHistory.SourceIp = LoginIp.SourceIp)

To get Source Ip from LoginIp table and Login History table get using inner join. how can i do this in Sales force . I am using 40.0 partner wsdl sales force service reference .

I need exact query for do this operation. I am also tried this query also

SELECT LoginIp.SourceIp,( Select  LoginHistory.SourceIp  from LoginHistory)  from LoginIp

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There is a distinction in Salesforce between simple data vales (such as string fields like SourceIp) and object relationships: you can only do joins across the latter. Worth studying e.g A Deeper look at SOQL and Relationship Queries on Force.com for a while to see what is and isn't possible.

From quick check of the data model, the LoginHistory and LoginIp objets do not have a direct relationship, though they are both related to User. You may have to do two queries to grab the fields you want.

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