I have created a lightning component and am able to add it in desktop view in account record detail page by using lightning record pages but when I switch to SF1 I can not find my lightning component in account record detail page.

Is there a way to make lightning component available in SF1 in record detail pages?

I do not wish to wrap my lightning component in a visual force page. Please suggest some way of achieving it by either using lightning pages or lightning component itself.

Thanks in advance

  • Hello, wondering if you figured this out? We have a custom detail view component with a lot of conditional rendering, but are unable to deploy it in mobile view. It defaults to native detail view with no option to override. – Lightning Evangelist Feb 21 '18 at 18:29

The only way I know at present is to create a Lightning Quick Action for that Component and add it to your Page Layout, then Salesforce1 will show it in QuickAction Bar when you're viewing the Detail View of the record.


The other alternative is to use Lightning Out for placing the Lightning Component in Visualforce Page

Use Lightning Components in Visualforce Pages

Then the Visualforce Page can be added to the Page Layout and it will show up in S1 as well within Detail View.

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  • Thank you for your valuable response but I'm searching for a way to somehow embed my lightning component inside the SF1 record detail pages view. Does SF1 support it? – Simran Dec 11 '17 at 12:07
  • No, not at present. You could go with a Lightning Out option using Visualforce - link and then place the VF page as inline panel on page layout. – VarunC Dec 11 '17 at 14:02

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