We are testing skuid (a managed package) with salesforceDX. And using the skid's "Build base pack" followed by the sfdx force:source:pull, the staticresources folder is created with the files. Now the problem is, if you modify the same pages and regenerate the staticresources in the scratch org, sfdx force:source:pull/status, doesn't see the changes?

Is this by design, if yes, this is not helping iterative development? Does sfdx track changes to the staticresources

UPDATE: If i change the name of the page, while re-creating the staticresources (post modification). sfdx sees the changes/the new json file. But this leave us with 2 files. One before the modification and the new one created post the modification.

  • I feel like it should. If not, maybe it's a bug? I'll ask around. – sfdcfox Dec 6 '17 at 23:04

This is bug. The workaround mentioned above is not tenable.

A bug has been filed W-4541603.

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  • Yes, i missed to mention that its not a workaround – OK999 Dec 8 '17 at 2:14

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