I need to create a complex formula, which sums fields based on picklist values.

My fields are as follows:

Picklist1__c : Val1, Val2
Picklist2__c : Val1, Val2
Picklist3__c : Val1, Val2



The first three fields are my picklist fields, the next fields hold a number and Total_Amount__c is the formula field that I need to create. The formula needs to add all numbers, where the corresponding picklist value has Val1 selected. Example:

Picklist1__c: Val1
Number1__c: 100

Picklist2__c: Val2
Number2__c: 50

Picklist3__c: Val3
Number3__c: 30

The result for Total_Amount__c should be: 130.

Is there an easy way to express this in a formula?

Tia, Lily.


The solution I found to this problem is:

    IF(PICKVAL(Picklist1__c,"Val1"), Number1__c,0)
    IF(PICKVAL(Picklist2__c,"Val1"), Number2__c,0)
    IF(PICKVAL(Picklist3__c,"Val1"), Number3__c,0)

This seems to work. I wonder whether there is a better solution.

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