I am trying to call a flow from apex. The apex class passes the Phone number of a contact to the flow and expects the contactId. Whenever I auto launch the flow using apex, I am not able to get the result, it returns an empty string even for a valid contact. However, when I use screen elements and set the same input, it returns the appropriate results. It just doesn't work when called from apex.

public class GetContact {   
    public static void start(String contactPhone) {                
        Map<String, Object> params = new Map<String, Object>();

        params.put('inputContactPhone', contactPhone);

        Flow.Interview.GetContact newFlow;

        newFlow = new Flow.Interview.GetContact(params);


       //Rest of the code          

In my flow, I just have an assignment block which takes the input from the apex code and assigns it to flow variable and a record lookup block that tries to fetch the contactId using the phone number.


Since i had not used (SeeAllData=true) Annotation in my TestClass, i was not able to access the data records. This is the reason that i received a null value for all my queries. Its mentioned in the apex developer guide,somehow i did not notice that.


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