I have a custom label ('hcv') which has values ICT;Thérapie;

I have a Text field in Vf page in which user enters a value and save it. Before saving, i need to check if the entered value is same as in label. else, it should show warning message.

If i use snippet,System.label.hcv.contains('test') it works fine and shows error.

but for System.label.hcv.contains('CT') // not ICT as in label it returns true (should return false for my case) because of 'contains'.

Is there a way to check for exact value.? my clients dont wanna use picklist value for this.

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    Your "answer" should have been a comment (I may never have seen it if not for the fact this window was still open), but using Set/contains works, but it's inflexible. I find that the "extra" effort of using a regular expression almost always pays off in the long run. Use whichever you'd like, but keep in mind that the Set method is far less powerful.
    – sfdcfox
    Dec 4, 2017 at 12:20

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You should use a Pattern (by which, of course, I'm referring to a "regular expression"). First, change your label to be a regular expression:


Where () simply creates a "group", and | means "OR" (as you might expect). You can use as many OR values as you'd like in a row.

Then use the Pattern and Matcher classes:

Pattern p = Pattern.compile(Label.hct);
Matcher m = p.matcher('test');
if(!m.matches()) { // The text does not match
    // show an error

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