I am storing values in wrapper from UI input: Component is like (on press of submit button, calling Controller)

<aura:component controller="AccountCreationFormClass" implements="force:appHostable>
<aura:attribute name="AccountWrapper" type="CommonWrapperClass.AccountCreationWrapperClass"/>
<ui:inputText value="{!v.AccountWrapper.Name}" />
<ui:button label="Submit" press="{!c.Submit}"/>

Wrapper class is like

public class CommonWrapperClass{
    public class AccountCreationWrapperClass{
@AuraEnabled public String Name {get;set;}
public AccountCreationWrapperClass(){
            Name = '';

Component is like (showing only submit part)

Submit : function(component, event, helper){
        var objAccount = component.get("v.AccountWrapper");
        console.log("Individual Values: " + objAccount.Name);  // Values are shown    
        console.log("Value of ObjAccount1: " + JSON.stringify(component.get("v.AccountWrapper"))); // Values not shown
        console.log("Value of ObjAccount2: " + JSON.stringify(objAccount)); // Values not shown
        console.log("Value of ObjAccount3: " + objAccount);   // Values not shown

When I am trying to see values from individual component of the wrapper (where ever: // Values are shown comment), its showing user entered values but values are not showing up from wrapper (where ever: // Values not shown comment)

Here is my doInit where I am assigning default values

doInit : function(component, event, helper){        
        var tempArray = [];


Attribute "AccountWrapper" is not of type list. And you are assigning Array to this variable. Try using this.

var a = new Object(); 
a.name = 'Test'; 
// All the fields ; 
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