Anybody there to help me out how to add more fields in custom Big Object?

I had already created one Custom Big Object with some fields. Now Im trying to add more fields in the same Object. How it can be done?

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You must use the Metadata API to define a big object or add a field to a custom big object. (see the documentation)

You can use the Force.com Migration Tool to deal with the MetaData API like below

  • First, do a retrieve from your org using sf:retrieve
  • Second, Edit the file YOUR_BIG_OBJECT.object retrieved to add some <Fields> like documented here
  • Finally, You can deploy your edited file YOUR_BIG_OBJECT.object with the sf:deploy
  • Can the retrieving step here be done via workbench's retrieve tool? Commented Dec 5, 2019 at 19:19

I agree with your point. The easiest way is by including the new fields in the same .object and permission set file and deploy it using workbench.

Thank you.

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