Is there any way to shorten the merge field {!Community_Url} when a welcome email (default or custom) is sent from a community? The Community URL in the email looks like spam and I want to shorten it to make it more aesthetically pleasing as well as less spammy.

I tried using LinkForce to no avail.

Any thoughts?


The way I actually solved this (even though Bob Lopez's answer is also great!) is by using the hyperlink button and putting the merge field in there.

So it looked something like THIS

I felt really silly once I stumbled upon this solution but it makes sense and more importantly it works! I always thought hyperlink texts needed an actual merge field and wouldn't accept merge fields. I was wrong!


You can use an HTML Email Template and use a simple <a> element to create a hyperlink with whatever text you want to display to the user.


<a href="{!Community_Url}">Welcome Text</a>

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