According to this: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=fs_appointment_guidelines.htm&type=5

To limit objects that could be parents for Service appointment I should create validation rule that check first 3 characters. Example for work orders: LEFT(ParentRecordId, 3) = '0WO' But: first of all I cant even choose ParentRecord(Id) from the list of fields when creating validation rule. Secondly after typing it manually i recieve syntax error.

Is there any other way to limit parent records (maybe also in user interface -> so user wont have an option to choose for example Account)? Is there possibility to fix above issue?


This is actually an error in the documentation that will be corrected. The ParentRecordId field isn't available in validation rules. However a couple alternative options exist to do the same kind of validation you want:

  • Perform the validation in an Apex trigger
  • Create a new custom text field of length 18 and copy the ParentRecordId value to the field in a Before trigger. Then use that custom field in a normal validation rule.
  • Well I already did the validation in a trigger long time ago, but lets say that "mistake in documentation" is an answer :) – user1974566 Dec 6 '17 at 13:20

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